SHTF Living When TSHTF
Tips and advice on an Every Day Carry Kit (EDC Kit) for use when SHTF!
Last Revised 7/23/2017

Remember the Rule Of 3 for SHTF survival:

  • You can only survive about 3 minutes without air.
  • You can only survive about 3 hours without shelter/adequate protection from the environment.
  • You can only survive about 3 days without water.
  • You can only survive about 3 weeks without food.
  • You can only survive about 3 months without medication (for chronic conditions).

A Basic Every Day Carry Kit (EDC Kit)

On my person and in my pockets right now I have the following items listed below. I know you're thinking "Holy Cow, that's a lot of stuff!" Yes, it seems like it, but it's really not. I have used all of it throughout the years at one time or another. Just having this stuff has saved my rear-end more times than I can count! You live, you learn, you plan for TSHTF, then hope like Hades it doesn't. Check your every day carry kit against this basic check-list:

  • On my right ring finger I wear a sterling silver "barter/pawn ring",
  • About $400 in bills, some loose change, and one credit card. In case of a state or regional power failure, gas stations or auto repair shops may not take your credit/debt card and insist on cash payment only. During Hurricane Katrina, when power went out to New Orleans banks, their customers found out their credit/debt cards did not work. I recommend you have enough cash to buy gas to go 800 miles and then double that amount for other expenses. So, for example, if your car gets 20 miles/gallon and gas costs $4/gallon, you need (2*800*$4)/20 = $320 in cash.
  • A cold steel "Pocket Bushman" belt clip-on lockback folding knife (my daughter carries a Snap-On Frame Lock Key Ring Knife with 2-1/8-Inch Blade Length on her keyring).
  • A Leather-man multi-tool on my belt.
  • On my keyring, there is a small button cell LED light, pepper spray, both a P-38 and a P-51 WWII Army style can opener, a Swiss Tech XDrive pocket driver tool (6-in-1), and a small stainless steel pill container (with a rubber o-ring seal) containing 3 aspirin, 4 water purification tablets, and 5 phentermine (I have a friend who can't get a prescription for phentermine, so he carries 200 mg caffeine tablets). I keep one set of keys in my right pocket, and a second set of identical keys in my left pocket in case I lock myself out out my house or truck. On my daughter's keyring she she carries a "rape whistle".
  • A clean handkerchief for improvising a face mask or a dirty water filter,
  • A 3 inch AA battery powered waterproof LED mini-flash-light,
  • A 10 foot Stanley PowerLock tape measure,
  • A Ruger LCP .380 with extra clips in my right boot.
  • A 6 inch throwing knife in my left boot. (Yes, I know how to use it well.)
  • $250 under the insole of both boots. (I do not touch that money except for dire emergencies.)
  • An ink pen and a Bic cigarette lighter in my shirt pocket,
  • A chronograph wristwatch with alarm on my left wrist, and a para-cord bracelet with built-in whistle and striker fire starter on my right wrist,
  • Cellular phone (always keep your cellular phone at least one-half charged at all times).
  • A heavy leather money belt with a solid brass buckle (the belt was a gift from my mentor). On the inside of it there is a zippered compartment and in it I have:.

    • A wire saw with split rings,
    • Two 18 inch zip ties and two 28 inch zip ties,
    • $500 cash,
    • two 1 ounce gold coins
  • A leather trucker's wallet, containing the following: miscellaneous papers, cards, licenses etc, that any guy would have, But in the zippered back compartment I have:

    • A thin plastic 2 inch by 3 inch Fresnel lens,
    • A 2 foot by 3 foot piece of aluminium foil folded,
    • One 1 gallon and one 1 quart zip-lock freezer bags folded up,
    • A 10 foot coil of fine steel floral wire,
    • A 20 foot coil of 15 lb mono-filament line with 4 fish hooks,
    • A single-edged safety razor-blade,
    • A small thin metal 6 inch file with the end ground down to a chiselled edge,
    • A 1 inch x 3 inch thin diamond pocket dual sided stone (knife) hone with one side coarse grade and the other fine grade. This pocket stone doesn't require honing oil.
    • 4 safety pins: 2 large, 2 small,
    • 4 paper-clips 2 large, 2 small,
    • four 8 inch zip ties,
    • 4 one inch finger size bandages.