SHTF Living When TSHTF
Tips and advice on a Go-Bag/Bug-Out Bag for use when SHTF!

Remember the Rule Of 3 for SHTF survival:

  • You can only survive about 3 minutes without air.
  • You can only survive about 3 hours without shelter/adequate protection from the environment.
  • You can only survive about 3 days without water.
  • You can only survive about 3 weeks without food.
  • You can only survive about 3 months without medication (for chronic conditions).

Informative Anecdotes About Go-Bags

You no doubt have seen the news stories of a mass of people trying to evacuate ahead of a hurricane or disaster. More often than not there is ample warning, but folks often do not heed it well. Some folks end up having to go with what they got, at the worst time possible, because they had "just one more thing to do" before they evacuated. Some just wait until the last minute before making a move. In a mass mandatory evacuation, you really want to already be gone well ahead of the crowd. Down here in the gulf, a lot of folks like to wait it out and see where a storm is going to make landfall before doing anything. Katrina taught a lot of folks a hard lesson about waiting around. As people moved north they filled up all the hotels, motels, and shelters starting with the closest ones first. Eventually some folks had to go as far north as Arkansas to Southern Missouri, before even finding simple lodgings. We are talking a spur of the moment trip with all you can carry of over 800 miles one way.
Do you think all the Katrina evacuees had their Go-Bags prepared and ready and thus were able to leave immediately?

>Dallas has had a freak ice storm that has knocked out the power to my children's homes, which means they are ensconced in dad's unfinished apartment. I went to the grocery store to buy dinner, and of course all the stuff that you would want to have for a few nights had already been bought. A small ice storm, and everyone figures they need to clean out everything in the grocery store, before I even get there to buy my share. Let's just call this an adventure and not worry about the details. There are lots of new couches that have never been slept on and enough blankets somewhere down in storage. The grand-kids think it's all great fun and are running around screaming. All we need is a fireplace and marshmallows.
- John Mauldlin, in his 12/07/2013 weekly financial newsletter
Do you think John's children brought their Go-Bags or do you think they assumed John would have everything they needed to shelter at his apartment?

A Basic Go-Bag/Bug-Out Bag

A basic Go-Bag/Bug-Out Bag should include enough food, water, and supplies to last three days without power, water, heat, or help until you can reach safety. Check your Go-Bag/Bug-Out Bag against this basic check-list:

Additional items to consider are:

  • Three day supply of OTC medicines and prescription medicines.
  • (Folding) garden/cat-hole trowel for digging cat-holes and pit toilets.